The only way to get better is to keep writing.

“Amelie, come on,” he said, raising his hands in surrender.  “Just put the sword down and we can talk.”

“I’ll talk to your dead body you traitor,” she snapped, swinging at him.  But she was clumsy compared to him and he easily slipped out of the way.

“Please don’t make me fight with you,” Larin sighed.  He pulled out his own sword and held it out. “I won’t let you win this time.” Her face scrunched down and she snarled as she lunged at him.  He easily parried her away and they kept going back and forth like that.  She would lunge, snarling and growling and he would slip out of the way or just knock her back as easily as if she were a child.  As she was beginning to wear herself out, Larin caught her, trapping her against the wall with his blade at her throat.

“Now listen,” he snapped.  “Just listen.”


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