La LA loopsy and Coraline (shiver)



yeah, well I’m sure you’ve seen of them or heard of them

and I’m sure you no coraline (NO NOT CAROLINE)

Coraline is the story about a girl who finds a doll that looks just like her  with buttons for eyes and a key into a parallel world almost the same as hers only her other mother (the beldam) controls it, with her button eyes and has yet to be stopped.  Behind the door in her apartment, the beldam waits for Coraline, insisting she stay, watching her and replacing things from her boring home life with more exciting things beyond the door.  Coraline can keep these things if she does one thing: let them so buttons in her face (EEP).  But the wrong choice could risk Coraline the disappearance of her real parents who enver came home after a trip to the store. 

the dolls are similar to the dool the OTHER MOTHER used to watch Coraline and fix things she hated. 

Coraline had not been the first victim of hte buttons though because before her, the other mother coaxed three other children into sewing the big black buttons over their eyes, who also had dolls. 

of course if you’ve seen the movie, than you should read the book

the movie was scary and very close to the book only for a few slightly major details

i had night mares after i read the ever so gut wrenchingly wierd graphic novel

the coraline doll from the movie (or a close replica) compare to the lalaloopsy dolls

yes, so, I thought I should write about that, make my few (okay i don’t have any) readers pee their pants

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